Hallmark top range quilt’s and pillow’s inserts are filled with white 50% goose downs and 50% fine duck downs. Both are covered by tight-weaved 620 thread-count pure cotton. Hems are double-stitched and piped. Pillows are supportive yet    malleable    to    form    a   neck contour.

All Pure Cotton Quilts

Unlike other quilts, this range is made of all pure cotton content. Outer fabric is made of smooth and tight-weaved cotton in 620 thread counts. Inner fillings of both pillows and quilts are filled with fluffy cotton. This summer quilt is light weight and supple.

Alternative Down Pillows and Quilts

Alternative downs bedding is the choice of  those who wish the comfort and feel of Hallmark goose downs at a budget price. This is done by substituting goose downs fillings with microfibre wools. The weight and density of the microfibre fillings  are  measured  to  achieve  a near-perfect feel of goose downs.

Outer fabric is made of high quality 100% cotton 620 thread counts. The result is a piece of bedding with nearly similar feel, firmness and comfort of goose downs but at much lower price.

Hallmark summer quilts are light and airy.

Pillows are medium firm and supportive. It is a perfect choice for cotton lovers.

Goose Downs Quilts and Pillows

Hallmark Bedding: Quilts and Pillows

Nanotech Pillow

This Hallmark premium pillow is filled with selected quality fibers that are resilient and fluffy.

Within its contoured chamber, the fibers were calibrated with precisely-measured densities.

The resulting pillows provides just the right balance of support and firmness in 2 scales: Soft and Medium Firm.

Wrapped in Hallmark’s quality pure cotton fabric in 620 thread counts, it not only looks good but feels so comfortable that few other pillows could match it.

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Hallmark Simplicity Bedlinen
Nanotech Pillow