Hallmark premium towels are extra-ordinary. Taking advantage of ProModal’s natural blend with cotton, these towels are made of 40% ProModal and 60% combed cotton. Together they enhance the benefits of both ProModal and natural cotton.

Hallmark Premium Towels

Modal is made from indigenous beech wood. Tencel is made from cellulose pulp. Both were blended with eco-compatible method to form ProModal. It is a fiber made from world of plants.

Hallmark new premium towels are soft, natural, highly water-absorbent and brilliant in colors. They are far superior to 100% cotton towels.

The high loops on Hallmark new premium towels results in soft and fluffy feel. With a heavy weight of 600 grams per square meter, the water absorption capacity is beyond the ordinary.

Hallmark new premium towels were designed in solid plain without embroideries. Its purpose is to avoid any surface roughness and preserve its smooth and supple feel. There are 10 brilliant colors to suit your bathroom decor, from soft to dark tones. Each color is available in 3 sizes: bath towel, face towel and hand towel.

Lenzing Modal towel on the left is more brilliant and intense compared with that of 100% cotton towel on the right.

Cotton Towels